The Studio

The studio is situated within the historic and newly renovated Coffin Works, on Fleet Street, just round the corner from Paradise Circus.

The space reflects the calmness and beauty of yoga. It is a haven where you can give yourself a time away from the responsibilities and pressure of today’s world. During the day the studio is bathed in natural light and evening classes are softly lit and warm. Mood music enhance each practice helping open your heart, relax your tensions and free your mind.

We even have an enclosed courtyard, which can be used as an outdoor studio in the warmer months.

The studio is also available for other events. Please contact to Matty to discuss your requirements, availability and pricing.


Our Teaching Styles

Sun power yoga – Sun Power Yoga is an eclectic mix of three styles. Dynamic Hatha for alignment. Sivananda Yoga for subtle mind and breath work. Astanga Vinyasa for heat, flexibility and stamina.

Yoga Essentials – Perfect for beginners , offering an introduction into the different components of yoga, including pranayama (breath work), asana (postures), vinyasa (flowing sequences) and yoga philosophy.

Dynamic yoga/Flow – Our Astanga inspired classes follow a set sequence of sun salutes and postures to realign the body, increase flexibilty and build strength and stamina.

Yoga Fusion – A unique blend or fusion of styles, working with a particular theme or focus such as a body part or philosophical concept

City Yoga Warriors – A flowing vinyasa sequence offering a full body, breath and mind experience, in the company of other men.

CYW (Beginners) – Covering the basics of movement, yoga postures and simple philosophy to get you prepared and confident to join the longer men’s class.

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