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Our Teachers


Matty, the founder of City Yoga, has practised yoga for seventeen years and has been teaching since 2009. He teaches with a unique style, blending the dynamic flow of Astanga with the deeper practices of Sivananda and Sun Power yoga.

He believes that Yoga is for all, so whether a complete beginner or regularly practising yoga there will be something for each person. Patience and understanding of individual’s needs are at the heart of his teaching.

He was taught to be a sympathetic practitioner of this wonderful craft. His style is to be supportive and affirming so each person can develop at their own pace.

Above everything he loves yoga and passing on his skills and knowledge to those wanting to learn, discover and develop themselves.

Matty – City Yoga


Richard has been teaching yoga since 2006, and has trained with many different schools and styles.

He completed his British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in 2008, and has since completed a 2-year diploma in Yoga Therapy. He has also studied intensively the soft architecture of the body, known as fascia. He continues his study of the mind, body and spirit through intuitive movement and shamanic practices. He is also recognised by Yoga Alliance as a Senior Yoga Teacher.

Richard’s classes are fun and creative, and cater for all individuals needs, regardless of experience or ability. He is brilliant at explaining some of the most complex philosophies in a simple and understandable way.



Anna completed her yoga teacher training in Sun Power Yoga in 2015, after finding herself drawn to this unique style of practice. Anna is a great believer in the holistic benefits of yoga, and through her teaching aims to support emotional and mental wellbeing as well as all the benefits of a strong physical practice.

Her recent yoga training includes teaching yoga for PTSD, and outside of her yoga teaching she has worked extensively with those experiencing depression and anxiety. Anna sees yoga as an incredibly empowering practice, giving us many of the necessary tools to manage our lives away from the yoga mat, and allowing us to build both our inner and outer strength.